MULTIPLE CHOICE: 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Glee' And More: Which Show Should Do A Live Episode?

Live from New York it's..."30 Rock"! Yes, Tina Fey (who is no stranger to this sort of thing) and her Emmy-winning cast and crew will go live tonight (at 8:30 p.m. on NBC) in an episode called, wouldn't you know it, "Live Show"! We can't wait to see what "30 Rock" has in store this evening (and if Tracy Morgan can stay on task and/or make one of his co-stars crack up on the air), and it got us thinking, which of our other favorite shows would we like to see go live to the world for an evening? Check out our picks and cast your vote after the jump! As always, if we've missed one of your favorites, leave a comment!

"Glee": Is there any show that's begging for a live episode more than "Glee"? With so much of the cast trained in live theater and the fact that they went on tour over the spring, they would be more than ready to put on a live show. Of course, the episode would have to be heavy on the songs and the Sue Sylvester (how awesome would it be if they let Jane Lynch do some improv?!).

"Grey's Anatomy": "ER" did it in 1997 and pulled it off with (mostly) flying colors (I do remember someone dropping a stethoscope!). But how amazing would it be to watch the good doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital rattle off medical jargon with no second take? Plus, to keep the mood, a live performance by The Fray would have to go down at some point in the ep!

"Hellcats": Think asking for 50 CCs of medicine would be tough to do live, how about a cheer routine? We would have to give actresses Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale an "A" for attempting to get down a routine flawlessly without the comfort zone of someone yelling "cut!" (could you imagine them doing a live pyramid?!).

"The Vampire Diaries": The real thing that would be worth tuning in for (besides, of course, Ian Somerhalder) would be to see how they would pull off all those special effects and stunts. Plus, every live episode needs a surprise guest star, and who would be a better fit than fellow vampire Robert Pattinson? Just sayin'!

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