'Hellcats' Recap: Episode 6, 'Ragged Old Flag'

by Aimee Curran

Someone pass us a chilled beverage and turn on the AC because "Hellcats" got a whole lot steamier this week. Like they're wont to do, the team was practicing a snappy and scantily clad dance routine in the gym...until the volleyball team came in complaining they'd gone overtime with the practice space. Confrontation ensues! How do they solve their beef? By taking it to the flag football field, obvi!

In preparation for the face-off, the girls Google search the volleyball team only to find out that they're flag football champs too...let's all feign shock shall we? Anyway, Lewis says he'll help coach the team since he was a former Lancer football star. This softens the blow, but the pressure is on since the losers have to cheer for the opposing team in their underwear. Weird? Yeah, especially because there are no dudes involved. Wanda, the ever supportive mom, thinks the whole thing is cute and says it's silly for the Hellcats to think they are going to win since they aren't athletes. They're just "special dancers."

Maybe Wanda is onto something since the first football practice is a total disaster. All the girls suck except for Alice who is the only one who can throw a football. Oh, and of course Marti, who can catch. Lewis tries to give the team a pep talk, but is interrupted by his former BFF, the football quarterback...remember? Let's not forget that Alice is dating him now to make Lewis jealous and leads him away to talk. On their little stroll Alice finds out her new beau is going to be coaching the girls volleyball team for the flag football game. Alice says as long as he's coaching them, no sex. He says she's making too big a deal of it because it's just a game and cheerleaders aren't real athletes anyway. Wow...it must be tough to get respect when everyone sees you as a "special dancer" in a skimpy outfit. We aren't at a strip club here, people!

But right now we have other things to worry about. Like Lewis finding an envelope of money in his parents' mailbox. Turns out after Lewis quit the football team the coaches tried to lure him back with moolah. Lewis tells his dad and goes to confront Red and the dean of athletics. But Lewis is in for a shock when he finds out his dad is blackmailing the athletics department for hush money. He's being shady because he can't pay the mortgage on the house and needs extra money to keep the whole family afloat.

It's around this time that Marti finds out she is required to go to some law networking function in Nashville the same day as the flag football game. Oh no! Her research partner Morgan tells Marti to pretend she has diarrhea so she can get out of the game. Ew. Marti begins to cough and complain. After convincing Savannah, she begins to pack her bag for the weekend away while the Hellcats are in flag football practice. Except practice hasn't started yet, and Savannah walks in with tea to make Marti feel better. Marti confesses and tells Savannah that law comes first. This doesn't sit well with Savannah who says cheerleading is her major (equally as useful as a philosophy, we surmise). But Savannah covers for her and tells the team Marti is too sick to play. Alice devises a plan and heads off to seduce her quarterback bf. After sexing him in his dorm room she leaves him sleeping in the bed while she takes photos of all the volleyball team plays sitting on his desk.

When Alice shows the Hellcats the opposing teams' plays, Lewis says they can't use them. Savannah sides with them and Alice begrudgingly rips them up. The game begins and, as expected, the Hellcats are being trounced by the volleyball team. Just when all hope is lost, guess who swoops in to save the game? Marti...duh! She single-handedly turns the game around and scores touchdown after touchdown until the last play in the game. Savannah of all people is chosen to make the last catch (really!?!), which she does and the Hellcats win! Red approaches Lewis amidst the victory celebrations and tells him his dad asked to be taken off the "hush money" payroll. Time for the volleyball team to strip and perform! More skin, more boobs, more sex appeal...blah blah blah.

Vanessa joins the team with the sobering news that they did not win a spot at nationals. What will they do? I guess we'll have to wait for next week's episode, but let's finish up this one first. Later that night, Marti finds Lewis in his dorm room looking for jobs. In the midst of confiding his family's financial issues (such a turn on!) it happens: Marti and Lewis kiss. It's about time! Is he finally over Alice? Let's not forget, he still needs a job to help support his family, so he approaches Red with an offer to be his assistant, and...Red hires him.

Do you think Marti and Lewis' romance will take off? Will Alice stay out of their way? How will those darn Hellcats get to Nationals now?

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