'Breaking Dawn' Casting News: Covens Come Together With Lee Pace As Garrett And A Whole Lot More!

Lee PaceGoodness gracious! When it rains, it pours in "The Twilight Saga" casting universe (this is Forks, Wash., after all). All but three of the new vampires introduced in "Breaking Dawn" have now been cast, and trust me, there are a lot of names in this list.

We'll get to the full rundown after the jump, but first we'd like to point out that all those rumors about Lee Pace being cast in the film turned out to be true! The "Pushing Daisies" star was the subject of much casting speculation before any official news was ever released, but he has in fact been cast as the American nomadic vampire, Garrett, who is Carlisle Cullen's BFF and ends up teaming with the Denali Coven. Another exciting addition is Andrea Gabriel, a.k.a Nadia on "Lost," as the Egyptian vamp Kebi.

Rounding out the American nomads are Toni Trucks ("Music and Lyrics") as Mary, Bill Tangradi ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") as Randall, and Erik Odom (relative newcomer) as Peter and Valorie Curry ("Veronica Mars") as Charlotte, who are mates and good friends of Jasper Cullen.

We already knew that Rami Malek was cast as Benjamin, a member of the Egyptian Coven, but rounding out their ranks are Andrea, Angela Sarafyan ("The Good Guys") as Tia, and Omar Metwally ("Munich") as their leader, Amun.

The Amazon Coven is comprised of two old female vampires who have long been allies of Carlisle. Tracey Heggins ("Where Love Is Waiting") will be Senna, and Judi Shekoni ("Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties") as Zafrina. That means we're still waiting on casting of Kachiri (if she is being cast at all).

Rounding out the Irish Coven are Marlane Barnes (relative newcomer) as Maggie, Lisa Howard ("Highlander") as Siobhan and Patrick Brennan (relative newcomer) will be Liam.

Then there's the Romanian Coven, who have Rami's "Pacific" costar Noel Fisher as Vladimir, and Omar's "Munich" costar Guri Weinberg as Stefan. Last but not least, Joe Anderson ("The Crazies") was cast as the European Nomad Alistair, another one of Carlisle's close friends. That still leaves Charles and Makenna, as well.

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Whew! Are you happy to know that the majority of new vampires are cast? Do the actors look like what you thought the characters did?