'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke To Helm 'Romeo And Juliet' TV Series?

by Brianne Riviello

Catherine Hardwicke must have a soft spot for star-crossed lovers. After bringing everyone's favorite fantastical couple Bella and Edward to the masses in "Twilight," Catherine may tackle the ultimate tale of forbidden love: "Romeo and Juliet." Deadline reports that the director is in talks to helm a potential ABC pilot of the Shakespearean tale, which will be set in Renaissance Verona, Italy.

This project would mark the director’s first foray into the world of television, but she is clearly familiar with teen anguish, having made her directorial debut with "Thirteen," and, of course, there's that vampire movie, too. Bonus points for period piece experience, as well ("The Nativity Story," "Lords of Dogtown"). Add a potential reunion with "Twilight" producers, and she might just be the perfect person for the job.

Whether the show could thrive is a whole other question. Yes, "Twilight" fans are likely to eat up another verboten romance, and feuding families have long been a television staple. However, is the network primetime audience ready for a true journey into Renaissance Italy? HBO is currently pulling period off with Prohibition-era Atlantic City in "Boardwalk Empire," and AMC is reaping success from 1960s New York in "Mad Men," but whether this trend can pull ranks with the likes of "Grey’s Anatomy" remains to be seen. Also to consider: How long can a series about the Montagues and the Capulets last, when the climax of the story is the tragic death of the main characters?

What do you think about a potential "Romeo and Juliet" series? Is Catherine the right director for the job?