Ke$ha Says Her Voice Is 'The One Thing I'm Most Confident About'

Ke$haThe takeaway from this newest issue of Seventeen: Established pop musicians with killer personal style have feelings too. The magazine features the one-of-a-kind Ke$ha on its November cover, sporting one of her more, er, conservative looks: a come-hither smile, braided hair, bright green eye makeup and a wild printed top with a chunky, show-stopping necklace. And in an interview inside, Ke$ha opens up about her past, her party-girl lifestyle and how being famous doesn't make her invulnerable.

Asked if it upsets her when people don't "get" her, Ke$ha replied, "I accidentally read a review, and it was really positive, but at the end it said, 'We don't really know if she has the best voice.' Which is bulls****! That's the one thing I'm most confident about. I don't have the best body in the world, but I know for a fact that I have a really good voice. It really bummed me out that somebody didn't see that, and then I got upset."

...Okaaaaay. (And we'll just be sending someone to alert the billions of guys salivating over the "Take It Off" video that the ridiculously toned girl writhing around in nothing but a patina of colored dust is, apparently, not that hot. Right.) But we admire Ke$ha's self-confidence about her vocal assets! Plus, she's got the maturity to realize that she won't win everyone over all at once, adding, "But it just made me realize that this is an unveiling process; it's just going to take time. I'm just proving myself to people."

Are you a Ke$ha fan? Do you think she has an awesome pair of pipes? Or are you more intrigued by her crazy style?