Cosmo Announces Their Bachelor Of The Year… Here Are Some Of Our Faves!

First off, we want to congratulate Ryan "Mickey" McLean on being named Cosmo's Bachelor Of The Year. We do have to say he's pretty hot and could easily give any of the studs in Hollywood a run for their money. So, as soon as we heard that Mickey was plucked from hot dude obscurity, it got us thinking of the other dudes that could have easily won the competition if they weren't famous.

First up, we nominate Liam Hemsworth. Why? Well, he's Australian, hunky and did we mention he's Australian and hunky?

Next up we have all-time fave, James Franco. Every list needs a smarty pants, and James is the perfect intellectual stud to make this round-up!

And lots of swoon should be sent Alexander Skarsgård's way. He's Scandinavian, plays a vampire and pretty much can seduce a woman just by looking at her.

Ian Somerhalder is dark and handsome…and he's also all vampy. Bottom line, vamps are uber-hot. And Ian is uber-hot, and we must stop before we can't!

We also have to give props to Andrew Garfield. He's about to play Spider-Man and he just starred in "The Social Network" as a smarty pants, a la James Franco. Oh yeah, and he's English and a total babe.

Who would make your Hollywood bachelors list?