Judy Blume's 'Tiger Eyes' Coming To Theaters: 5 Reasons We're Thrilled!

Today in Hollywood casting gossip: It's a blast from our chapter-book-lovin' past! It started this summer, when Judy Blume confirmed via Twitter that "Tiger Eyes," her amazing story about a 15-year-old girl coping with the death of her father, was being adapted for film. But now, the news is out that two up-and-coming actors have been cast in the movie's lead roles! "Gossip Girl"'s Willa Holland will be playing protagonist Davey—with the lesser-known but uber-hot Tatanka Means as Wolf, her mysterious, canyon-dwelling crush.

With locations being scouted as we speak, it'll only be a matter of time before our favorite Blume book hits the big screen. Why are we so psyched about this? Let us count the ways...

1. Judy Blume is a YA icon, and her books have defined the literary tastes of approximately 10 bajillion kids—but this is the only one of her books ever to be released into the hands of Hollywood. So with the stakes so high, we're pretty sure that the movie: a) will stay true to the original, and b) will therefore be awesome.

2. Okay, seriously, have you seen Tatanka Means? 'Cause we have, and we like it. Plus, the Native American actor has previously appeared in old-school Western flicks, meaning that you need only turn to Netflix for plenty of shots of him wearing a loincloth, feathers and... not much else.

3. The teen-novel-turned-major-motion-picture industry has been way too focused on sparkly vampires and shapeshifting wolfboys lately—whereas "Tiger Eyes" is all about deep human drama. And as much as we love Edward Cullen, it'll be nice to see a movie that keeps it real and keeps everyone's blood safely in their veins.

4. Willa Holland has been nothing but a horrible, devious, ugly urban villain during her screentime on The CW. Girl needs a chance to get out of New York and play someone sympathetic, before we all start hating her guts.

And finally, the biggest reason why we're thrilled to see "Tiger Eyes" as a movie...

5. Because our boyfriends will totally check this out with us—as opposed to running down the street screaming at the prospect of having to see "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret."

Are you psyched for "Tiger Eyes"?