Adam Brody Rescues 'Damsel In Distress': Welcome To Leading-Man Status!

One of the cruelest facts about Adam Brody's career trajectory (and no, we're ignoring the fact that Rachel Bilson dumped him for Hayden Christensen...but then dumped him too) is that he has been firmly relegated to comedic wing-man status. This is probably due largely to his hilarious portrayal of Seth Cohen on "The OC," the show that shot him to fame, where he was arguably more popular than the show's leading man, Ben McKenzie.

But since then, Adam's best performances have been in secondary roles. He was pitch-perfect in "Thank You For Smoking," similarly adorable in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and even managed to add something special to this year's "Cop Out." But during that time, he's only had one quasi-major leading role in the 2007 flick "In The Land of Women," which didn't do especially well but did land him as a romantic interest opposite Meg Ryan and a pre-"Twilight" Kristen Stewart. Fortunately for all of us Adam Brody fans out there, it looks like he's finally ready to return to head billing.

Just Jared confirmed that Adam is set to star in the rom-com "Damsel in Distress," which will set him opposite indie darling Greta Gerwig. You'll know her if you saw Ben Stiller's "Greenberg," or are half as excited as we are about Russell Brand's upcoming "Arthur."

The film will follow a group of style-obsessed college girls (i.e. "Mean Girls: The College Years") who take a new student (Greta) under their wing to help her navigate college life. Obviously, Adam will be playing her romantic interest.

This reminds me a little of the casting of "Gossip Girl'"s Penn Bagdley (yes, the Josh Schwartz connection is intentional) in the recent hit teen flick "Easy A," and how well he pulled off that role. Hopefully Adam can do just as great a job, because he has been stuck showing off his snark for too long, and I for one miss the romantic cynicism that made us fall in love with him (and Seth Cohen) in the first place.

Are you glad to see Adam Brody has landed a leading role?