American Music Award Nominations And 'Jackass 3D' Stunts In Today's Tweet Dreams

"Sesame Street" may have had no love for Katy Perry, but the American Music Awards sure did! The "Teenage Dream" singer was nominated for three awards today, along with a bevy of some of Crush's favorite artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (who wrote via tweet, "I heard about being nominated for 4 Ama's!!! I'm so excited! Thanks to all for supporting me!!!") Katy (pictured), who is up for Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Album and the coveted Artist of the Year, posted to fans, "Ohhh emmm geee! Thank you so much!" Fellow nominee Chris Brown took to his Twitter to ask for votes, "The nominations are in! Head over to to vote for me for Fave Male Artist in the Soul/R&B category!"

Speaking of promotion, Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the guys from "Jackass 3D" have been making the rounds talking about their latest installment of shenanigans (as Jeremy Piven put it, "Some people have to bungie jump in port-a-potties to make a living..."). Martha Stewart pondered, "we have funny sketches with johnny knoxville and pumpkins will he be ajackass??" while Jimmy Fallon alerted followers, "Johnny Knoxville on tonight doing a stunt. NBC is nervous. Can't wait for this movie."

Check out the rest of Tuesday's most memorable celebrity tweets, including Alyson Hannigan celebrating her anniversary with her hubby, Alexis Denisof! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@alydenisof Thank you for the anniversary tweets yesterday! Our marriage is seven. In December we'll have been together 11 years. Slurpees for us!!!

-Alyson Hannigan, Actress ("How I Met Your Mother")

@robertsemma Back to December by @taylorswift13 has been on repeat all day

-Emma Roberts, Actress ("It's Kind of a Funny Story," "Scream 4")

@taylorswift @RobertsEmma Thank you! That made me smile. Btw I can't wait to see It's Kind of a Funny Story.

-Taylor Swift, Singer

@stephenathome I love emoticons, but they're really only accurate for emotions I display while my head is tilted 90 degrees to the right.

-Stephen Colbert, TV Host ("The Colbert Report")

@itsthesituation Not afraid!If I get eliminated 2night!I did what I set out 2 do, n that was 2 show you A different side of me

-"The Situation," Reality Star ("Jersey Shore," "Dancing With the Stars")

@danecook I'm thinking my date night with the Arquettes and Aguileras has been cancelled for this evening.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Employee of the Month")

@johnisnertennis So I play this guy Federer tomorrow night. Anyone ever heard of him?

-John Isner, Pro Tennis Player

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