Our Dream Pop-Culture Proposals: 'Twilight,' 'The Notebook,' And More Will Inspire 'I Do'

[Editor's Note: With all of the depressing divorce drama this week, it seemed an upbeat proposal piece was called for.]

Last weekend I was lucky enough to witness, without a doubt, one of the cutest pop-culture proposals I've ever heard of. I was visiting London and, being the "Harry Potter" aficionado that I am, couldn't resist a trip to King's Cross station to see Platform 9 3/4. While the actual station is under heavy construction and not nearly as pretty as the "Potter" films would have us think, it didn't stop a smitten suitor from dropping to one knee and pulling out a ring. Needless to say, she said yes.

I joked that since he stole my dream proposal, I'd have to hold out for my future husband popping the question on the set pieces of Middle Earth still in New Zealand after "Lord of the Rings" production. But it got me thinking about what would be some of the best ways to propose to movie-loving, nerdy girls like me. Sure, this Platform 9 3/4 proposal was nowhere near as epic and awesome as the "(500) Days of Summer" proposal from earlier this year, but there's still plenty of romantic ideas left to cover. (Girls, forward this to your boyfriends!)

The easiest "Twilight"-related proposal (come on, you knew we'd go there!) would be taking your lucky Twilighter girlfriend to Port Angeles, Wash., and dining at Bella Italia where Bella and Edward had their first date. After buying her a plate of mushroom ravioli (and only ordering a Coke for yourself), how could she possibly say no when you pop the question? Sure, Edward didn't propose to Bella there, but Bella Italia is one of the few locations in the books that actually exists in real life.

It's a little trickier for you "Notebook" fans out there, but fortunately a lot of the scenes in the film were shot on location in South Carolina, so there are plenty of locations worth visiting. The most romantic (in this Crusher's eyes) would have to be Cypress Gardens where Noah took Allie on their canoe ride. Unfortunately, the birds surrounding them weren't native to the area (but we think the determined proposer could figure something out.) Still, this has got to be one of the most beautiful locations in the film.

And then there's a sneaky one for all of you "True Blood" fans. That French restaurant where Bill proposed to Sookie at the end of season two (whatever happened to that storyline, anyway?) is actually a bed and breakfast in Baton Rouge, La., called The Stockade. The lady in question will probably have no idea that this little vacation has such an important role in "True Blood," and I'm sure the sweet people at the B&B would be willing to do some furniture shifting to recreate the moment.

Are these ideas not quite up your nerdy alley? As a back-up to my "Lord of the Rings" idea, I'll just throw out the Vancouver Orpheum theater (a.k.a the Opera House) to all you "Battlestar Galactica" fans out there. Or you can head down south to St. Lucia and hitch a ride on the Brig Unicorn, also known as the Black Pearl from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

You've heard some of our suggestions, now share some of yours! What would be your dream pop-culture proposal?

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