YouTube Style Sensations Elle And Blair Fowler Score Reality TV Deal

Attention all YouTube sensations, your time is nigh! There have been several examples of YouTube stars breaking into Hollywood—our favorite is Donald Glover who went from "Bro Rape" to "Community," though the most notable is obviously Justin Bieber— but the latest success story is a bit more, uh, fashionable. Sisters Elle, 22, and Blair, 17, Fowler have taken their YouTube popularity (160 million views between here, here, here and here!) to launch their own reality television show.

Deadline has the exclusive that the sisters have signed on with Kinectic Content to take their brand, which developed from sharing makeup and style tips online, to the small screen. They also plan to develop multi-platform programming (think: websites, magazines and the like) to spread their know-how.

"We are two young girls from Tennessee about to embark on our dream career path," Elle and Blair told Deadline. "We are beyond excited and couldn't be in more safe hands than with the Kinetic development team."

This seems like a bit of a natural progression for the girls, who have posted more than 500 videos on their YouTube page and have been featured by "Good Morning America" and Seventeen. But it just leads us to wonder how many more of our favorite YouTube sensations are going to break onto the scene in the upcoming years.

Which YouTube stars would you love to see leap beyond the web?

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