'90210' Recap: Episode 50, 'Catch Me If You Cannon'

We're only five episodes into season three of "90210" (feels like longer, doesn't it?), and already so many plotlines were wrapped up last night.

Annie stuck with her decision to be her boss’ egg donor in exchange for $20,000. Unfortunately, Annie must have used up her allotment of sneaky behavior last year when she hid that she killed a man because she couldn’t keep her brown paper bag of needles and hormones out of sight for 24 hours. Lori Loughlin to the rescue! Mom forbids any kind of fertility donation and finally lands a job as Jen's assistant and baby nurse, negotiating double the salary and benefits. Does anyone else think the fact that Annie's boss would hand over a bag of hormones and wire money into a high school student's bank account without checking with her mother indicate she might not be the best parent anyway?

Speaking of new parents, Jen finally birthed her and Ryan’s love child. Baby Jacques/Jack was born miraculously following one push, surprising his parents by being a boy and not a girl. I still have not forgotten about the night Ryan ate a sloppy hot dog on the pier and then crashed his car into the school, but until that night comes back to haunt him, he seems to be on the path to a relationship with Jen and his baby.

Dixon dealt with his HIV scare in a mature way; he immediately went to the doctor to be tested and when he assumed the worst of his results, he broke up with Ivy. It could've also been because she was acting as a stand-in for Sam Ronson this week, but Dix digs DJs, so it was prob the HIV thing. Don’t cry yet though, kids. It turns out Dix is not HIV positive, the doctor just wanted to lecture him on safe sex. Ivy’s virginity had one foot out the door all week, though, and it refused to wait around anymore. Enter Oscar. Literally. Thanks to Dixon's health scare, the evil Aussie got back on track with his sex revenge plot and finally deflowered Ivy.

Liam and Charlie continued their petty (i.e. boring) sibling rivalry. Charlie extended an olive branch in the form of a hotel room for Liam to stay in (rather than his car), and Liam subsequently trashed the room, driving Charlie and Annie back to each other. Teddy and Ian were forced to work together cleaning the schools gutters. The blond duo made a good team, but Teddy still denied that he might be gay. If the viewers had any doubts about T’s sexuality, the writer’s made sure to be clear: Girls do not make Teddy hard, understood?

Finally, the girls cooked up an elaborate plan to get Mr. Cannon alone in a hotel room with Silver so they could film him attempting to rape her. Of course this overly obvious plan backfired, and we were reminded that Silver is bi-polar, and it’s hard to argue that a sexual entrapment plot doesn’t look a little crazy. Thanks to her unbalanced mental state, she didn't get in much trouble, and Naomi and Silver are free to move on to another surely brilliant plan.

And Silver told Cannon his doc sucks. This is psychological warfare.

How do you think the girls will finally trap Cannon? Is it totally over between Ivy and Dixon? Who should Annie be with: Liam or Charlie?