In Honor Of Canadian Thanksgiving, We Set Our Dream Dinner Table!

We may be celebrating the not-so-great navigational skills of that sea-faring Italian Christopher Columbus, but for our neighbors to the north, today is worthy of commemoration for a whole other reason: It's Canadian Thanksgiving! (Or simply "Thanksgiving" as my Canadian chums call it.) Though we likely won't find ourselves face-to-gizzard with a Butterball today, we couldn't help but fantasize about the Canadian celebrities we'd invite to break bread if we did celebrate the holiday. We gave our Hollywood Crush writers one RSVP to extend to any Canadian celebrity they wished, and then put our Photoshop skills to work, picturing our dream Thanksgiving get-together. Keep reading after the jump for our explanation of the strategically set table.

Ryan Gosling: Let's just say if the weather report calls for rain, I'm more than game to drop my spoonful of stuffing to run to the nearest dock and reenact this.—Amy Wilkinson

Kim Cattrall: "I'd invite Kim because she's sexy, she's smart, and I would LOVE to see the Biebs try to hit on her!"—Jyll Saskin

Justin Bieber: "At 108 lbs., Justin Bieber won't eat as much food as the other guys, which leaves more for me. When we're done stuffing our faces, he can sing us to sleep if the tryptophan hasn't taken its toll.—Aimee Curran

Ryan Reynolds: "Considering I spent an hour and a half watching him in a coffin (Spoiler Alert!) ONLY TO HAVE HIM DIE AT THE END, I think he owes this much to me. And he better leave his wife—and his shirt—at home."—Terri Schwartz

Ellen Page: After seeing her quick and witty delivery of great one-liners in "Juno," we're counting on Ellen to keep the conversation lively.—Kat Rosenfield

Drake: "He's tall, hot, and has the best smile ever. And, uh, he's really talented and stuff."—Jean Bentley

Robin Sparkles: "She may be fictitious, but that doesn't make her any less awesome (nay, legendary!). I would really love to hang with "How I Met Your Mother" Robin Scherbatsky's Canadian pop star alter ego, Robin Sparkles (played by Colbie Smulders). We could totally go to the mall. Today!"—Aly Semigran

Which Canadian celeb would you invite to your dream Thanksgiving dinner table?

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