Justin Bieber Designs Nail Polish: We List Five Other Musical Manicure Tie-Ins

Are you looking for the newest way to get pretty, pretty fingernails? Why not throw a little Bieber on 'em!

No, really: Justin Bieber, no longer content to just be the soundtrack to your mani-pedi, is collaborating with Nicole by OPI to create a distinctly bieb-ified line of nail polishes, reports Stylelist. The mostly grape-y and glittery colors are all named after various songs by (you guessed it) Justin Bieber, including "One Less Lonely Glitter" and "Me + Blue." There's also one shocking red called "OMB!"

OMB, indeed.

The nail polish line is a new twist on celeb-endorsed beauty products—after all, most of them just concoct a perfume and call it a day. But now that the door's open for nail care products (made by dude pop stars, no less), we'd love to see a few more creative entries into the world of manicures and musical tie-ins! For instance...

The "Blah Blah Blah" line, by Ke$ha. A collection of colors in various "blah" shades of puce, beige, or boring gray, for those times when you just want to shut up and get busy... painting your nails.

"Cherry Bomb," by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. A bold, bad-girl red, in honor of their "Runaways" alter egos. Rock 'n' roll attitude not included.

"A Year Without Rain," by Selena Gomez. A crackly brown shellac that reproduces the dried-out, dusty look of earth during a drought.

"White Knuckles White," by OK GO. A polish that replicates the ghostly pallor of your clench-fisted excitement over the band's latest inventive video.

"Cee Lo Green," by... Cee Lo Green. Adding a dash of color when you raise That Finger to salute your gold-digging ex.

Which celeb polish would you use to decorate your nails? Which of your fave celebs should design a nail polish line?

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