Jane Lynch On 'SNL': We Relive Our Favorite Moments

Jane LynchFrom 9 p.m. Tuesdays on we often try to find ways to get our "Glee" fix while eagerly awaiting new episodes. Luckily, this weekend we were treated to a hilarious one when Jane Lynch (or as she's known to Gleeks the world over, Sue Sylvester) hosted "Saturday Night Live." The Emmy-winner looked right at home amongst the ensemble cast. (No surprise there. Besides her work on "Glee," Jane made a name for herself in the comedy world in Christopher Guest's genius movies like "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind.")

In her opening monologue, it was obvious from the first hearty laugh the audience was just as psyched to see her as she was to see them. The comedienne then segued to the thing we'd all been waiting for: "Glee"! After mentioning that the show didn't have a theme song (which we had never thought of before and now it seems kind of crazy!) she, in turn, wrote her own. Cue her inspired number about how "Sue Sylvester is the star of 'Glee.'" The rest of the song includes tidbits about slushies and Sue's history (which would all be claymation, no less!) Okay, is it just us, or did you sort of love this song? Note to the folks at "Glee": Please have Jane (who got to belt out a few more notes impersonating Faith Hill for a very funny "Sunday Night Football" skit later in the broadcast) sing more.

Our favorite skit of the night (which, due to clearance issues, is not yet available online) was when the "Glee" cast got an "SNL" makeover. The skit would eventually turn from "Glee" to Gilly as everyone's favorite poofy-haired troublemaker joined New Directions (and then, promptly blew them all up. Say it with us, "Giiiiilllly!"). While Jane Lynch, of course, played Sue, the rest of the cast played some of our favorite characters. Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg were exceptionally funny playing Mercedes and Kurt, respectively (bonus points for the hilarious random appearance by Bobby Moynihan as Burt Hummel!) Jason Sudeikis tried to capture Mr. Schuester's longing to be in the club, Abby Elliott totally got Rachel's need for attention, and Vanessa Bayer called out Quinn's pregnancy story arc. But, newcomer Taran Killam made Finn just a little too dopey, and Fred Armisen for some reason made Artie sound like Fozzy Bear. Nevertheless, the skit was a treat for Gleeks (they even sang "Don't Stop Believin'") and the show's real actors got a kick out of the silliness (Chris Colfer tweeted, "That Glee skit was hysterical!")

The rest of the show had a few misses, but thanks to Jane's impeccable comedic timing and likability, it was mostly hits, including when she played Andy's mom once again for an uncomfortably hilarious sketch called "The New Boyfriend Show." The skit was a talk show hosted by Andy about Jane's well...revolving door of boyfriends. Jane got paired with Andy once again for a digital short in which she played a none-too-helpful therapist with ulterior motives (watch below.)

Andy wasn't the only one to play Jane's foil, as fellow funny lady Kristen Wiig went toe-to-toe with Jane during the Gilly sketch and used their unique talents during the "Secret Word" and "The Suze Orman Show" parodies. The only time Jane got outshined all night (no easy task, mind you) was when Jay Pharoah did his dead-on impersonation of Denzel Washington. In the skit, Jane played a customer trying to return a purse to Macy's where Denzel was working to research a role. Watch below, we promise, if you close your eyes you'll swear the Oscar-winner actually made a cameo.

What did you think of Jane Lynch on "SNL", Crushers? Which skit had you laughing the hardest? Which "Glee" member do you think they should have host next?

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