Kellan Lutz Gives Us An EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes Look At 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

With Halloween just a few weeks away, we're totally stoked to add the chilling revamp of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" to our collection of seasonally scary movies. And just in time for the DVD release, Hollywood Crush has an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at Freddy's latest horror show, with stars Kellan Lutz and Katie Cassidy talking about the not-quite-uncrossable line between a bad dream and a waking nightmare.

As primary victim Dean Russell, Kellan Lutz describes his wholesome character as "the one you want to root for"—while we get an up-close-and-personal look at his confrontation with Jackie Earle Haley's gruesome Krueger.

"You sense a lot of issues going on," Kellan says, as he talks about his role. "He's just mentally messed up."

No argument here! If we couldn't fall asleep because some claw-handed dude with a face like shredded meat was trying to kill us, we'd be pretty messed up, too.

The clip then moves on to an interview with Katie Cassidy, who plays Kris Fowles and tells us that Kris is "the only character that's so much like the original ['A Nightmare on Elm Street']." The footage shows her in character and starting out skeptical, telling Kellan that it's all just a dream...only to come back and find him in the grip of a Freddy-induced nightmare and trying to stab himself with an eating utensil.

"Physically, emotionally, my character always ends up in the worst situations," she explains. Katie is clearly in tip-top form for the film, as we see her running away from Freddy, fighting Freddy and then running away from Freddy some more after finding out just what kind of horrible things happen when you let a psychopathic knife-wielding nightmare man get cuddly with your Norwich Terrier.

But while Kris might be the character that's most true to the original "Nightmare" franchise, Freddy Krueger's sadistic-yet-cheesy sense of humor has also made it to 2010 without any change. While she screams and bolts, he calls after her, "I was just petting him!"

Are you psyched for the latest "Nightmare" on DVD?