MULTIPLE CHOICE: Johnny Depp Shows Up At School Dressed As Pirate--Which In-Character Actor Should Pop Up Next?

For as reclusive as Johnny Depp appears to be, he sure knows how to make a splash (without even walking the plank!). According to BBC News, the actor showed up to an England primary school dressed as his "Pirates of the Caribbean" alter ego Captain Jack Sparrow.

According to the report, Johnny showed up to the school after receiving a letter from a 9-year-old student pleading for the Captain's help mounting a mutiny against her teachers (um, adorable). Wisely, Johnny told the girl that a mutiny might get her and her classmates into trouble.

Mr. Depp's drop-in got us thinking about other actors we'd like to have come in character to our school or place of work. Cast your vote in our poll after the jump! And as always, if we forgot one of your favorites, leave a comment. (While you're at it, check out our flipbook of other places Johnny could show up in character. Don Juan DeMarco in a convent? Hilarious!)