Style Superstar Of The Week: Lauren Conrad Channels Carrie Bradshaw

Both Lauren Conrad and Nikki Reed had pretty big weeks. While Lauren made appearances to sign her latest books "Sugar and Spice" and "Style," Nikki got ready to start filming one of the most important movies of our time, a.k.a "Breaking Dawn" (we're only half-joking here). Of course, only one of these ladies rocked the week as our style superstar. Keep reading to find out who shined and who needed some brightening up.

We know Nikki's got a lot on her plate with "Breaking Dawn" coming up and all, but that's no excuse to neglect her wardrobe! Nikki's strapless black dress at the Swatch "New Gents Collection" event was totally cliche, and the matching jewelery and shoes didn't help either (at least add a pop of color in there!). Anyway, we're hoping that once she gets back into the groove of filming, her wardrobe will redeem itself.

Is it just us, or is Lauren becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw? She's got a book (a couple actually) and another reality show in the works (so maybe they're not exactly alike...). Most importantly, though, like our beloved Carrie, Lauren's got a penchant for style. The lacy white dress that she wore to her book signing in New York City on Tuesday totally had us swooning. We loved her headband, makeup and the shoes...oh the shoes! Let's just say Carrie would approve.

What do you think of this week's best and worst dressed picks?