Ryan Gosling Sings, Michelle Williams Tap Dances In 'Blue Valentine' Trailer

It's a big day for Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams' upcoming heartbreaker "Blue Valentine." Hot on the heels of news the drama earned an NC-17 rating, comes the debut of the film's first trailer on Yahoo! And it's one big talent show as Michelle flaunts her tap-dancing skills, Ryan makes beautiful music and the two show off the acting chops that made them both Academy Award nominees.

"You always hurt the ones you love..." Ryan warbles as Michelle does an impromptu (not to mention, adorable) jig. It's an apt tune for the somber flick, which follows Ryan and Michelle's characters through their tumultuous relationship. We see their first meeting outside of Michelle's grandmother's nursing home (an exclusive clip Hollywood Crush debuted in August), their no-frills wedding day and plenty of tears and contemplative moments in between (including a verbal tussle on an NYC bridge). "And if I broke your heart last night, it's because I love ya'..." the tune concludes. Hand us the Kleenex box now, please.

The cute conceit of the trailer—Ryan and Michelle sharing a song and dance fest outside of what appears to be a formal wear shop—seems a bit light for a film that tackles some pretty weighty topics, but perhaps that will be the beauty of it—recognizing that life is full of both titillating and tragic moments. Whatever the case, we're just happy to see Ryan return to the big screen. It's been three years since his last movie, "Lars and the Real Girl." Welcome back, Ryan.

What do you think of "Blue Valentine"'s first trailer? Are you excited for the flick?