Nikki Reed Calls Rosalie And Jacob's 'Breaking Dawn' Scenes 'Unique'

Hot off the not-so-surprising news made by "Twilight" godmother Stephenie MeyerMackenzie Foy will play Renesmee—we have more "Breaking Dawn" dish. Courtesy of MTV's "The Seven," who recently caught up with Nikki Reed at a NYC event, the actress teased that she's finally received the script, and that her scenes with a certain hot-blooded co-star are quite "entertaining."

"We start shooting soon and we just got the script a few days ago, so that's exciting," Nikki revealed. "They really do capture the essence of the books and the story and they're very faithful, and I think what the studio, as well as the actors and the writers, have all sort of realized is that's the success of this, the origin [a.k.a Stephenie's source material] is obviously where the success came from," she said. "So we would be sort of silly to stray away from that."

Nikki went on to say that her character's interactions with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) definitely stand-out.

"I have to say that in 'Breaking Dawn,' Jacob and Rosalie have an especially... their relationship is pretty unique," she said with a smile. (Fans of the book know that Rosalie and Jacob have a few very heated interactions regarding the birth of Renesmee.) "It's quite entertaining."

We think those scenes will definitely be fun to watch, especially given the fact that Nikki has already expressed how much she enjoys her younger co-star.

"I love Taylor so much and I'm so proud of him and what he's doing," Nikki told us back in August.

What scenes or characters are you most looking forward to seeing in "Breaking Dawn"?