Carey Mulligan Reveals Her Broadway Plans

Carey Mulligan is on fire. The Oscar-nominated actress has parts in two of 2010's most anticipated releases, "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" and "Never Let Me Go." And while the actress is certainly keeping us guessing in her film work, her stage work will have theater lovers salivating.

"I think [my next project will] probably [be] a play on Broadway in the new year," she revealed to MTV News while at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting "Never Let Me Go." "I mean we're still looking for a director, and we're still gonna cast the rest of it, but it's called 'Through a Glass Darkly,' and it's a [Ingmar] Bergman film that they adapted for the stage that was on in London last year. We're gonna transfer it."

The play is based on the 1961 flick by the famed Swedish filmmaker. It centers around a woman, Karin, who has returned to her family home after spending time in a mental institution. On the island where they reside, she is met by her brother, husband and father, an author who is estranged from his children. The film centers around Karin's loose grip on reality and how that affects her family. Basically, in our opinion, it sounds like some serious stuff.

However, Carey isn't new to performing drama on Broadway. As she is quick to remind us, she's already performed a famed Anton Chekov play on the Great White Way. "I did 'The Seagull' on Broadway about two years ago," she quipped.

What do you think about Carey Mulligan returning to Broadway?