Robert Pattinson And Stephenie Meyer Named To 'Most Powerful' Lists

Vampocracy! Vamptatorship! The Democratic Republic of Sparkly Vampires!

...Oh, sorry, we're just practicing—because with fang-related characters on two notable lists of powerful people just released by Forbes and Entertainment Weekly, it looks like the "Twilight Saga" is ready to take over the world (even more than it has already)!

First up: Forbes' list of the planet's 100 most powerful women, featuring author Stephenie Meyer sitting dead-center at spot No. 49. Not that her heavyweight status was ever in doubt; not only does she have six bestselling novels and a multimillion-dollar movie deal under her belt, but Meyer has single-handedly convinced an entire generation of teenage girls that the best possible boyfriend is one who sneaks into your bedroom at night to watch you sleep and can only barely restrain himself from murdering you. But in a hot way!

And then, of course there's Robert Pattinson! No surprise there; the Brit heartthrob snagged a spot on EW's list of the 50 most powerful entertainers in showbiz—quite the coup for someone who's not even 25 yet. No word yet on what his number is, but his sought-after status for new films combined with the fact that, y'know, he's Edward freakin' Cullen, should put him firmly in the upper tier.

And while it's probably a little premature to predict Twilight's planetary takeover, let's just say that we won't be surprised when the Volturi upset next month's national elections as senatorial write-in candidates. It's only a matter of time.

Okay, so who would win in a "most powerful" fight: Rob or Stephenie?