'Hellcats' Recap: Episode 5, 'The Prisoner's Song'

by Aimee Curran

Wow, we're already five episodes deep into "Hellcats" and the drama just keeps building…mostly thanks to mean girl, Alice and the ever pretentious Red Raymond, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Right now, things with Savannah and Dan have heated up to the point that he is spending the night in Savannah and Marti's dorm room. What?! A boy in Savannah's bed? Silly…of course not! Being the good girl that she is, Dan is stuck sleeping on the floor. This doesn't please Marti too much, who tells Dan he is walking on thin ice with the liberties he is taking with Savannah. He seems befuddled by what Marti is saying, while Savannah is so lost in puppy love she casually brushes off Marti's disdain and follows after Dan as he marks his territory all over the Cheer Town dorm.

During breakfast, Dan catches Savannah watching bid videos and tells her he could shoot a much better one, giving her a few ideas that she tries out at practice. Alice demands to know what is going on—cue the infighting between Savannah and Alice! Catty goodness at it's best…loves it! Savannah trumps the team vote with her team captain power, declaring Dan will shoot the bid video. This pisses off Marti who tells Dan he's a total Yoko Ono! When Alice confronts Coach Vanessa on this, she says Savannah's decision stays and to start being a team player.

It's not surprising Vanessa makes such a lame call because she is too preoccupied by the love triangle with Red and Derrick. While at brunch, Derrick and Vanessa run in to Red at the same restaurant and Derrick invites Red to join them in an attempt to "normalize" things. Well Red, being the a--hole that he is, says he can't until he makes his intentions clear (i.e. he only came back to Lancer to get Vanessa back). And...Red gets punched in the face. Ouch. So much for "normalizing" things.

Because Derrick won't apologize, Vanessa tracks Red down on campus to smooth things over, and he tells Vanessa that he never got over her. Wake me when this storyline is over—it's so redundant. Anyway, Derrick is called in to meet with the Dean of Athletics and is fired in front of Red. Totally saw that coming, but wait…it's a big joke! Yeah, I'm not kidding. Derrick punches out the head football coach and is then promoted to head athletic doctor. Derrick doesn't know where this is coming from until the Dean tells Derrick it was by recommendation of Red. Don't even try to question it…it's obvi just a way to get to Vanessa and somehow break up her and Derrick…stay tuned…if you can stand the suspense.

Remember when Marti earned a coveted spot on that case her professor was working on? Yeah I forgot too. Well we finally revisited that storyline. Marti goes to the jail to meet with the inmate to help with his sentence reduction. He claims he's innocent, and the two end up bonding over an obscure music reference. But Marti takes it a step too far by talking about her feelings, which prompts the inmate to storm off. When prof refuses to help Marti reinvestigate the case, she goes behind his back to get the full story on her own. Oh, I forgot to mention that she brought her guitar for the inmate to play, and they have a jam session in the inmate visiting room and sing together. I mean, why wouldn't they?

It's bid video filming day! The Hellcats have a few hours to film, edit, and package the video in order to make the last Fed-Ex pick-up of the day. Dan decides to be all artsy, taking the team out of the gym to a spot under a freeway overpass to film. Do I even need to explain what a disaster this becomes? After one of the team members twists his ankle, the rest of the shoot is called off. leaving Dan to work with what he's got. Alice blames Savannah and calls for a "no confidence" vote to oust her as team captain. Once Savannah sees how craptastic the bid video is going to be, she shows up to the vote and says that Alice is right. With no time left to redo the video, Alice hatches a scheme to buy more time: She'll fly out personally to submit the tape. But of course they have less than two hours to shoot it and get Alice on the plane. Do they do it? Of course! Duh.

Even though everything works out, Alice wants to go ahead with the "no confidence" vote. But personality wins out, and Savannah keeps her team captain title. Marti and Dan talk, and she asks if he is going to get serious with Savannah because she's used to having him all to herself. Ummm…okay…if that wasn't a set up for future romance, I don't know what is.

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