Emma Stone Cast In 'Spider-Man'--As Gwen Stacy!

Well, the internet got it half right. When rumors swirled this weekend that Emma Stone was about to be cast in the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot, initial speculation was that she'd play the high school version of Mary Jane Watson. Well, Sony announced last night that Emma had been cast, but not as Mary Jane—as Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love interest.

Since Gwen is a blond, we wonder if Emma will dye her hair back to her natural color, or if she’ll go the wig route. Either way, she's got the right balance of smarts and beauty to play the part. Plus, we're very interested to see her chemistry with our beloved future hubby Andrew Garfield (if we say it enough, maybe it will eventually be true). Emma seems like she'd be able to intimidate Andrew with her very skilled levels of sass, which is probably a good thing if Peter is supposed to have a nervous crush on her.

Now, we wonder if any of those other actresses mentioned—including Dianna Agron from "Glee" and Mia Wasikowska from "Alice in Wonderland"—are up for the role of Mary Jane, or if Emma beat them out for Gwen and they won't be involved in the movie at all. We could definitely see either of them stepping into Kirsten Dunst's shoes—and red wig—to play Mary Jane.

What do you think of Emma as Gwen? Do you think she'd make a better Mary Jane? Who would you have chosen?