'Life Unexpected' Recap: Episode 17, 'Team Rebounded'

I am always amazed at how little actually happens in "Life Unexpected." Compared to the crazy dramatic, multi-character driven plotlines on "90210," "LU" has a surprising simplicity and slowness to it.

Last night’s episode switched gears and focused on different relationship dynamics: Cate and Ryan, Baze and Math, Tasha and Lux (yes, Tasha is back again).

Cate, whose life is officially a study in a series of backfires, decides to mend her relationship with Kelly-the-fake-virgin by taking her out for drinks. If champagne and over-sharing can't fix them, nothing can. Cate confides in Kelly that she and Ryan took her 27-point compatibility questionnaire and guess what? They don’t agree on anything! Kids, finances, religion… What exactly did Cate and Ryan ever talk about before they got married? Ryan and Cate fight. Cate agrees to have a baby. Ryan and Cate have make-up sex. Cate secretly takes her birth control. Glad that problem is solved!

Baze proves he is the world’s worst friend when he suggests to Math that he should go for Paige. Top three reasons why this might not be a good idea? 1) You don’t sleep with your roommate. 2) You don’t sleep with your roommate when she is hot and you are not. 3) You don’t sleep with your roommate when your other roommate already slept with her. Baze, this is not the "Jersey Shore." You should not be encouraging your friend to go after your sloppy seconds. And two grown men, drinking beer, watching a tape of high school girls play basketball? A little creepy. These two may be the worst coaches ever. (Was that not the longest TV basketball game you ever watched? I almost died when they went in the locker room and it was only half-time.)

More interesting than girls that can’t shoot hoops was the return of Tasha. Lux freaked out when she realized that Tasha’s new foster parent is someone she actually used to live with and tries to get Tasha out immediately by spray-painting the house. I’m guessing everyone who was watching assumed what I did: That the woman must have abused Lux, treated her like a servant, kept her locked in a room, something horrific that Tasha would need to be saved from. But this woman tried to adopt Lux? She misses her and loves her? Why would Lux want Tasha out of that environment? (Tasha will now be living on her own, with Ryan and Cate as co-signers, btw.) And why didn’t Lux want to be adopted? Last night brought up a lot of questions. I take back what I said before. This show isn’t simple at all…

Oh, and Mr. Daniels and Paige totally got it on under the bleachers.

What did you think about last night's "Life Unexpected" episode?