Summit To Adapt YA Book 'Tempest' For The Big Screen: Here's Who Should Star

It looks like Summit Entertainment has picked up yet another young adult novel that they hope can follow in the footsteps of "The Twilight Saga." TheWrap has the news that Summit has bought the rights to "Tempest," the as-yet unpublished first book in a forthcoming trilogy by Julie Cross. According to her blog, the book follows a 19-year-old time traveler who, after witnessing the murder of his girlfriend, accidentally jumps back in time two years. There he is recruited by a mysterious government agency run by the man "he thought was his father" and promises to save his girlfriend's life, "no matter the cost."

Sounds pretty epic to us, and to get this ball rolling, we decided it would be the perfect time to sit down at the Hollywood Crush casting couch and have a go at finding the perfect leading man for this project. Sure, there's not much information to go on, but we have plenty of people that we'd love to see at the forefront of a new money-making franchise.

Logan Lerman

It doesn't look like any other "Percy Jackson" books are going to be movies any time soon, but Logan Lerman is a great actor and just around the right age, so we figure he could definitely pull off this supernatural action flick. Plus, he's so cute, he deserves to be a leading man.

Andrew Garfield

Of course Andrew Garfield's going to be a little bit busy with filming the "Spider-Man" reboot, but he's the next big thing, so why not double dip and go for the "Tempest" franchise as well? It will give him some extra practice at perfecting that American accent, and at least he'll be in great shape from "Spider-Man."

Alex Pettyfer

Yes, he has "I Am Number Four" and "Beastly" on the horizon. But come on, Alex Pettyfer has those crazy awesome films because he deserves them! Maybe it's because the "I Am Number Four" trailer is still so fresh in our minds, but he seems perfect for the on-the-run action hero role.

Chace Crawford

Action flicks aren't something Chace Crawford has really cracked into yet, but we think he should try. With his rugged good looks and penchant for drama, Chace should make a second attempt at making a splash in the movie scene by signing on to this film, which will at least be noticed because it is backed by Summit.

Armie Hammer

So what if he's too old for the role! Armie Hammer stole our hearts in "The Social Network" twice over, and the casting rumors have yet to start flooding in. Let this be the first!

Would you like to see any of these actors stars in "Tempest"? Is this a book you're looking forward to reading?