Will Katherine Heigl Have More Kids? Hubby Josh Kelley Hopes So!

Katherine Heigl will play a new adoptive mother in her upcoming flick, "Life as We Know It," co-starring Josh Duhamel. And, as it turns out, the film is getting rave reviews from Katherine's hubby, singer Josh Kelley.

"I think this is the best movie she's ever made. It's my favorite one," he told MTV News at the film's premiere, where Katherine dished on "Grey's Anatomy" and Josh D. was talking all about "Transformers 3." "I was like,'Honey this movie is unreal.' You run the gamut of emotions on this one. We're both our biggest critics and I was seriously very, very moved by this one. It's phenomenal."

And as it turned out, Josh had a reason to be so emotionally attached to the flick. "While she was making the movie we were only parents for four days because we adopted Naleigh, and she was about 9 months old, so the kids in the movie and Naleigh were about the same age, so it was kind of weird. But I think it helped us both," he said. "It helped her in the movie and it helped us as a family. It was a cool thing to go through."

So how is Katherine The Mom? "She's a phenomenal mom. She's a great mom in real life," he said. "She's very structured. She keeps her to a strict schedule, and I learned how important that really is cause it makes her a happier baby. She's got the instinct."

Of course, everyone wants to know when these two plan to have more babies. "Yeah we're gonna give her a little buddy here pretty soon," he said. "Well I don’t know how soon, but we're talking about it and you never know. It's an interesting, never mind."

Are you stoked to see Katherine's parenting skills at play in "Life as We Know It?