'City Of Bones' To Hit The Big Screen—Who Should Play Clary Fray?

City of BonesAs far as upcoming book-to-film adaptations go, we've pretty much only had eyes for Suzanne Collins' highly anticipated "Hunger Games" lately, but Variety just broke news of another adaptation that's got us pretty excited: Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" series. Screen Gems has bought the rights to "City of Bones" with plans to make the series into a film franchise.

Though the screenplay has already been written by Jessica Postigo, there's still a long way to go before the film is ready for pre-production. We figured we'd help out—as we often do—and offer up some casting suggestions for the story's leading lady, Clary Fray. She's described in the book as being 15 years old and a little over 5 feet tall, with bright red hair and freckles. So without further ado, let's take a seat on the Hollywood Crush casting couch for "City of Bones"!

Emma Roberts

Yes, we've been a little over-saturated with Emma Roberts between "Scream 4" and "It's Kind of A Funny Story," but by the time "City of Bones" goes into production, I'm sure we'll be dying for more of her. Emma definitely has the acting chops, though she might need a little hair dye to get her hair bright red. But we'd like to give her a chance to be in more of an action role, and she definitely deserves her own popular young adult franchise.

Lily Collins

Same thing goes for Lily Collins with the hair, but this blond actress definitely has proved she can pull off this role. She went the dramatic route in "The Blind Side," is learning all about teen phenomenons from Taylor Lautner in "Abduction" and is even getting a taste of the terrifying supernatural in "Priest," so with all of these films on her resume she would make a perfect Clary.

Liliana Mumy

She might not be a very well-known actress right now, but Liliana Mumy is the only actress on our list who accurately meets the description of Clary without having to change anything. Liliana is 16 years old with bright red hair and tons of freckles that no amount of make-up can cover up, so we'll ignore the fact that her only major acting credits are in "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "The Santa Clause" sequels. With her looks and a promise of talent, she would be the perfect up-and-comer to be cast as Clary.

What do you think of our suggestions? Are you excited for a "City of Bones" movie?