MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which 'Social Network' Hottie Do You 'Like' The Most?

Judging by its boffo box office, it's pretty fair to assume many of you saw David Fincher's instant classic "The Social Network," over the weekend. And while many will (and have) praised its peppy writing (we're looking at you, Aaron Sorkin), its thoughtful direction and multi-layered messages, we're not too ashamed to admit our main response was: Yowzers, there are a TON of hot guys in this movie. I, mean, seriously. Some, we've poked before, like last week's Hump Day Hottie Justin Timberlake or "Zombieland" star Jesse Eisenberg, but others we're just now friending, like the adorable Andrew Garfield (okay, he's also been a HDH but that was a while ago...) and that tall drink of water Armie Hammer (whose name always reminds me of baking soda...). Anyway, much like FaceMash, we're asking you to pit this quartet of hotness against one another. Who is the hottest? Weigh in with your vote after the jump!