Olivia Wilde Will Play Justin Timberlake's Mom In 'I'm.mortal'

For Hollywood's leading ladies, the news that you're being considered for "mom" roles at age 26 would be enough to make any actress run screaming for the Botox...that is, unless the mom in question lives in an alternate universe where people stop aging at 25 and have to buy time to go on living. Then it's just fun. So it's no surprise E! Online is reporting that "House" star Olivia Wilde said yes to a "mom" role in next year's sci-fi flick "I'm.mortal," where she'll be the epidermally-flawless mother to a rebellious hero on the run, played by Justin Timberlake.

Who, for those wondering, is actually three years older than Olivia. (There's a "MILF" joke in here somewhere, but we're too busy trying to wrap our heads around the time-as-currency concept to make it.)

Olivia is the latest heavyweight to join the cast of "I'm.mortal," along with Cillian Murphy and the prolific Amanda Seyfried. (More fun with ageless older-person roles: Amanda's "dad" will be played by 31-year-old Vincent Kartheiser.) And with the whole "immortal society" thing giving director Andrew Niccol a perfect excuse to pack his film with pretty, perky people, we'll be eagerly awaiting any future casting announcements—perhaps a "grandpa" role for Zac Efron? Could be fun!

Can you picture Olivia playing Justin's mom?