Britney Spears On 'Glee': Here's How To Tell The Two Brits Apart

It almost seemed too good to be true. One of our favorite shows had a scatterbrained but lovable blond (and let's face it, an awesome dancer) named Brittany. Then, one of our favorite pop stars (who just so happens to fit a very similar bill) was stopping by said show where some of her best songs would be covered.

Of course, one of our wildest pop-culture dreams will be coming true with Britney Spears appearing on tonight's brand new (and highly anticipated) episode of "Glee." As we've seen in the promo shots, Ms. Spears is facing off with our other favorite Brittany (played by the hilarious Heather Morris.) Since the two look (and from what we've heard so far, sound) quite a bit alike, we wanted to see how much these two Brits actually match up.

Britney: Appeared on stage at the VMAs and performed with Madonna. Oh yeah, and Christina Aguilera was there too.

Brittany: Sang Madonna's "Express Yourself" on the McKinley High School stage. Oh yeah, and Tina Cohen-Chang was there too.

Britney: Locked lips with Madonna that same night.

Brittany: Probably locked lips with Santana (and possibly way more?) last season.

Britney: Has a ballad called "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman."

Brittany: Thinks a ballad is a male duck.

Britney: Is an icon in the gay community.

Brittany: Declared that "dolphins are really just gay sharks."

Britney: Was a Pepsi spokeswoman.

Brittany: Adds a teaspoon of sand to Sue Sylvester's weight loss drink.

Britney: Spent her summer in the tabloids.

Brittany: Spent her summer lost in the sewers.

Britney: Has two adorable sons, Sean and Jayden.

Brittany: Oh, for the love of all that is good, please don't let her have any children!

How psyched are you for tonight's "Glee"?