Ian Somerhalder Wants A 'Vampire Diaries' Musical Episode

Ian SomerhalderFor those who enjoyed last week's "Vampire Diaries" episode tease from series star Ian Somerhalder, we have a slew of juicy goods to roll-out this week (in addition to Ian having admitted that playing the softer side of Damon is a challenge, and that he spends his days off trying to save the world, of course).

For today's installment, we bring you Ian's thoughts on his new "Sexy Beast" status, hazing from his co-stars and the answer to an excellent reader-submitted question: Would he consider doing a musical episode?

"I would do a musical episode in a heartbeat!" Ian exclaimed, then revealed that one of his fellow cast members has a hidden talent that would be perfect for a musical. "Zach Roerig [aka Matt] is a tap dancer," he said. "Who would've thought?"

So what would be Damon's go-to musical number?

"I don't know… Damon would be more like the barber of Fleet Street [a la "Sweeney Todd"]. He would be the guy who sings as he cuts people's arms off," he said matter-of-factly—which made us laugh out loud. "Full, Johnny Depp style."

Speaking of Johnny Depp and movies, would Ian consider doing more feature films?

"Well absolutely. Are you kidding? It will happen eventually," he said. "Right now this show is our focus, this is what we're doing. We're in the thick of it, and it's an amazing place to be... We have the best jobs ever and hopefully features come down the pike."

We mentioned that given his new "Sexy Beast" status, bestowed by Entertainment Weekly readers, the move scripts should be pouring in by now.

"I just walk around the set growling now," he joked, adding that he got "a lot" of hazing from his fellow cast members for that title. "That was pretty awesome," he said. "That was a trip."

Speaking of the on-set dynamics among the popular cast, Ian said that everyone gets along really well.

"Paul [Wesley] and I just pretty much make fun of each other all day," he said. "Nina [Dobrev] pretty much makes fun of the two of us all day."

Has this friendly banter led to any pet names or nicknames?

"We don’t necessarily have nicknames [for each other], if there are nicknames, they’re not very PG-13 or even 17... Yeah, I’ll leave those silent."

What do you think of a "Vampire Diaries" musical episode? Do you want to see Zach Roerig tap dance like we do?