'True Blood' + 'Sesame Street' = 'True Mud'

To be completely frank, one of the things I never expected to learn from anything "True Blood"-related were all the different words that rhyme with "mud." Yet here we are. "Sesame Street," in a move to include a bizarre array of pop-culture references that don't have anything to do with its target audience but everything to do with its target audience's parents, has made a spoof of the hit HBO show called "True Mud."

Here, Bill is a grouch instead of a vampire, and he has a deep craving for some true mud. Not a spud or a dud, dagnabbit, but mud! He shows up to the "Sesame Street" version of Merlotte's and is served in proper fashion by the muppet version of Sookie Stackhouse, and tries his best to get himself some of that True Mud. You're going to have to watch the video for yourself to figure out what he wants to do with it (hint: it's definitely not for drinking).

Somehow I doubt Alan Ball or Charlaine Harris would have ever expected to have their gory, sexy and all-together awesome show parodied by "Sesame Street," but it surely is a sign of some important level of cultural significance. I mean, they even spoofed the Jace Everett theme song, "Bad Thing," at the beginning of the video. It would be kind of funny if "Sesame Street" considered spoofing later episodes, but it also kind of scares the hell out of me that the show is pretty much priming a bunch of toddlers to become "True Blood" fans (especially considering they deemed Katy Perry's boobs too scandalous). Maybe we should just leave the parodies to "Saturday Night Live."

Do you think the "Sesame Street" spoof is funny or just kind of disturbing?