Ian Somerhalder Teases Tonight's 'Vampire Diaries' Episode!

It's been awhile since we talked with smoldery "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder. (Okay, we talked to him in July, but it seems like forever ago!) Anyway, just in time for tonight's brand new episode, Ian offered a nice teaser regarding those Lockwood werewolves, the state of Elena and Damon and whether or not he gets a kiss or two.

"We find out some interesting stuff," he said. "[Specifically] the whole werewolf aspect. Mason poses a massive threat to Damon and Stefan and everyone, really. It’s a big problem, and I think we address a lot of that, which people have been very eager to know."

Ian went on to say that the state of Elena (i.e. How is she dealing with Damon trying to off her brother?) will also be explored.

"The question of, 'How does Elena feel right now?' Can she even look at [Damon]? She's going to have to deal with him, because he's around. There are a lot of issues to deal with," he explained. "[Damon] wants to kill her best friend, Caroline, one of her best friends, and there's this problematic supernatural element that's running around the town, and it literally poses a serious threat to all of them—every single one of them: Katherine, Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, everyone," Ian said. "So dealing with that and getting into that is necessary, and that's what this episode is going to start to touch upon."

Sounds good to us! The only bad news, for Ian and his Damon, is a lack of lip-lock.

"Unfortunately Damon doesn’t get to makeout with anyone," he said.

Aww. Something tells us that will be remedied soon enough. In the meantime we leave you with news of Ian's do-goodery in the world of alternative energy, as well as a promise to roll-out the rest of our very interesting chat with the cheeky star very soon.

What do you think will happen during tonight's "Vampire Diaries"?