'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone Gets Bitten By Hilary Swank!

As "Twilight Saga" vampire Jasper Hale, Jackson Rathbone is used to chomping on creatures' carotids, but being on the receiving end of a little neck nibbling is something new for the star. Especially when it involves a two-time Oscar winner.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Jackson at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the actor was promoting his upcoming drama "Girlfriend," talk inevitably turned to the status of "Breaking Dawn" (more on that in the coming days). Then suddenly, as if on cue, actress Hilary Swank, who was waiting in the wings for her own interview, swooped into the frame, baring her canines as she lunged for Jackson's neck! Okay, so it was just a playful bite, but it still caught the usually poised actor completely off guard!

"Oh my god! This is like a dream come true," Jackson said as Hilary made her move. "I can die happy now." Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the event wasn't even the bite itself but the fact that the nibble marked Hilary and Jackson's first time meeting! Way to make an introduction, Ms. Swank. This also raises the question: Who's going to start the Twitter hash-tag #HilaryForBreakingDawn?

Click play on the clip above to see the entire hilarious exchange, including Jackson's cute shout-out to "True Blood"!

What do you about Hilary's introduction? Should we consider this a try-out for "Breaking Dawn"?