'True Blood' Sweepstakes: Win Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin's Bloody Costumes!

Even with a week's worth of television premieres underway, we can't help but miss HBO's "True Blood." It's sexy, it's violent, it's politically aware, and most of all it's fun, and it really sucks (get it?) that we have to wait until next summer to see new episodes.

To ease my own craving for the supernatural dramedy, I have been plowing through the Charlaine Harris book series, that up until a few weeks ago, I had never read. But HBO has cooked up its own method for easing "True Blood" withdrawls: a sweepstakes for fans to win their own personal piece of Bon Temps history.

HBO is offering fans the chance to win one of eight bloody "True Blood" costumes! They're nothing anyone would want to wear to the office or a dinner party (Maryann's wedding dress, for instance, has a giant hole in the middle of it from where she was killed), but with Halloween coming up, those lucky enough to get their hands on one would have a killer costume.

The eight outfits are from seasons two and three, and include the aforementioned holey dress, Eric's typical T-shirt and leather jacket ensemble, Tara's Victorian nightgown from her vampire kidnapping, Bill's henley and Hugo Boss jacket, Sookie's trench coat from her attempt to save Godric, Sookie's Merlotte's T-shirt, Lorena's dress that she was staked in and Franklin's "Russell Edgington" monogrammed pajamas.

The sweepstakes go until 12 p.m. EST on Oct. 15, and random winners will be drawn on Oct. 18. Be warned, that if you submit your name more than once, only the most recent submission will be considered. Samples of the costumes will also be on display at the HBO Shop in New York City starting Oct. 7th.

Which costume is my fave? I think Sookie's blood-spattered Merlotte's T-shirt would be the most fun to wear out, but who can resist owning an outfit that's touched Alexander Skarsgård's body?

Which costume will you try to win?