Gwyneth Paltrow Eyes 'Glee' Role

Gwyneth PaltrowForget Britney. The newest blonde bombshell to walk the halls of William McKinley High may be none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. According to E! Online, Mrs. Chris Martin is in talks to guest star on FOX's dancing and singing extravaganza, and she'll be doing both—dancing and singing, that is.

Gwyneth will reportedly appear on two November episodes of "Glee" as a substitute teacher who takes over New Directions while Mr. Schue is out sick. She'll not only win over the glee club kids, but Mr. Schue as well, complicating matters between him and Ms. Pillsbury.

E! reports that the role was written specifically for Gwyneth, who's buddies with creator-executive producer Ryan Murphy. Those familiar with the Gwyneth oeuvre know that the actress is no stranger to singing parts. She stars as a washed-up country singer in the upcoming "Country Strong," and then there was her memorable duet with Huey Lewis (he of Huey Lewis & The News fame) in the karaoke competition comedy "Duets."

I have no doubt Gwyneth will bring her "A" game to the "Glee" set, but I'm getting worried about all these cameos. Britney! Javier! A slew of other stars waiting in the wings! What makes a cameo special is both its unexpectedness and its infrequency. If we get used to seeing famous faces hobnobbing every week with Rachel and Finn, it sort of loses its magic, don't you think? Also, the show is quite spectacular on its own. It doesn't need added star power to make it great. Let's just hope Ryan has time to focus on quality material while lining up all these guest stars.

What do you think about Gwyneth Paltrow potentially guest-starring on "Glee"?