Alexander Skarsgard, Fellow 'True Blood' Stars Reveal Season Four Wishes

If you're lamenting the end of the third season of "True Blood" like we are (seriously, wasn't the season premiere last month? It feels like it!), then we hope to ease the pain with this charming video featuring your favorite cast members and their wants, wishes, hopes and dreams for next season. (Hint: Mr. Skarsgård just wants everyone to be naked!)

"Well, if you read the books you know that next season is all about fightin' witches," Nelsan Ellis teased about season four's fun new plotline. "So we shall see," he said.

Will we get to see Lafayette and Hoyt involved in that?

"I'll fight a witch right now," Jim Parrack (aka Hoyt) boldly stated. "I'll fight a witch tonight!"

"Maybe," Nelsan added, sounding skeptical about Jim's fighting ways. "And maybe Hoyt is a witch."

"A good witch, like the white witch in 'Wizard of Oz,' " Jim added.

Todd Lowe, who plays big-hearted mushball/war vet Terry, seemed overwhelmed with all the supernatural elements that have been added to the show.

"Fighting witches? It seems fun," he said. "I'm wondering what the next supernatural thing [is going to be] because we started with vampires, then you get shapeshifters, maenad, fairies, now werepanthers and now witches.

"We've got griffins that could come in and Frankensteins," Todd joked.

Would Todd like Terry to discover some supernatural in him?

"I don't know. I like playing a human right now," he said. "So, no."

Actress Lindsey Haun's wishes for Hadley are quite the opposite: She's excited to explore her supernatural side.

"We haven't really touched on her magical side," Lindsey said. "She has some fun with being a witch, and she also turns into a vampire, so I'm really excited to get my own set of fangs; if that happens. I don't know, they keep us so in the dark, I have no idea what's going on. Nelsan, who plays Lafayette, we're constantly like, 'What's next in the books? What are we doing next?' He's pretty good, actually, he keeps me up on what's going to happen."

Swedish dreamboat Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) joked that he hopes he makes it back on air next season.

"We'll see what happens in the last episode; I'm just happy if I get to come back next year," he said with a smile. (As if he wouldn't.)

Regarding whether he thinks his other co-stars should join in on the naked magazine cover fun, a la his Rolling StoneAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Alex said it's the right thing to do.

“I think that’s just fair, right? Because we’ve done it now, so I think they should all get naked,” he said with a smile.

As for Bon Temps' resident scaredy cat Arlene (played by Carrie Preston), we asked the actress' thoughts on her character's slightly uptight, narrow-minded attitude toward the vamps.

"She's a little narrow-minded. She's sort of designed to be ridiculed because of that," Carrie said. "I take it as a challenge to make her a full, well-rounded, grounded, real, human being. The views that she expresses on the show are quite valid, which is, vampires really shouldn't be around our children, and I think that's a valid thing with them being cold-blooded killers.

"They make it seem like they're so sexy and everything," she added. "But meanwhile they have these urges sometimes that they can't control."

She makes an excellent point. Still, scary or no, Carrie said she's not opposed to Arlene getting in touch with her supernatural side.

"I would like to see her get involved in some kind of the supernatural in some way. I'm just saying that's what I would like. I'm not giving anything away. No one has said anything to me," she insisted. "But the supernaturals seem to have a little more fun."

What do you want to see on next season's "True Blood?" Which characters do you want to have some supernatural in them? Let us know in the comments.