'Glee' Cast Channels 'Rocky Horror Picture Show,' Hangs With Miranda Cosgrove In Today's Tweet Dreams

Miranda CosgroveWhile most people start their day with a cup of coffee or an infuriating commute, director-producer-reality television judge Adam Shankman began his with the cast of "Glee" (you win again, Shankman!). He tweeted to followers in the a.m., "Woke up today, and smiled and prayed today #glee shoot is as fun as yesterday. Huge days, but the best cast and crew." But he made sure to give "Gleeks" some news that was bound to make any theater kids' day, as he posted, "Pics from set forthcoming...and get ready to have ur halloween time warped!!!" That's right, the cast of "Glee" will be taking on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" We're shaking with antici....pation!

Of course, between filming what is bound to be epic new episodes for the second season of "Glee," the cast finds time to party with other famous faces in Hollywood. "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove (who spent time with Jane Lynch when she made a guest appearance this year) shared, "Had such a fun night last night! It involved flying escargot, bacon flavored ice cream, & a crazy man running thru a restaurant with a flag." Miranda (pictured) later added, "There were also some Glee cast members involved....crazy night :-p"

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@georgelopez Since Tim Gunn's on the show tonight, I'm thinking of changing my look: http://su.pr/23YcS

-George Lopez, TV Host ("Lopez Tonight")

@donniewahlberg I'm gonna be the first person in line to see THE TOWN tomorrow! Can't wait!!

-Donnie Wahlberg, Singer, Actor ("Saw II")

@chelseahandler Everyone needs to go see easy A this weekend. Emma stone is awesome, and we all watched at my house last night. By we all, I mean me and 50.

-Chelsea Handler, Comedian, TV Host ("Chelsea Lately")

@hollymadison123 Wizarding World of Harry Potter! So excited to try Butter Beer!

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("Holly's World," "Girls Next Door")

@siamusic froot loops are healthy if i sprinkle raw hulled hemp seeds on them,right?

-Sia, Singer

@chriscolfer Another round of "Find Chris's Glasses!" I'm losing. I'm worse than Velma from Scooby-Doo.

-Chris Colfer, Actor ("Glee")

@aliciakeys This movie "The Time Travelers Wife" Gets me EVERY time! Book was even better!

-Alicia Keys, Singer

@sn00ki Watchin this Jersey Shore show i heard about. what a bunch of orange nutjobs man... ;)

-Snooki, Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")

@michellebranch Random thought. What would the Jersey Shore guys look like attempting a number from Jersey Boys?

-Michelle Branch, Singer

@yelyahwilliams Stayin over on @newfoundglory's bus. They're teaching me how to play Halo Reach. I just beat Cyrus... Hehehe...

-Hayley Williams, Singer (Paramore)