'Vampire Diaries' EXCLUSIVE Pic: Katherine And Damon Rendezvous In The Dark

Last week's season two premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" can really only be described with one adjective: EPIC. With Katherine wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls and Caroline (maybe, probably) being turned into a vampire, "TVD" has set itself up for some seriously juicy second season plotlines. Obviously, we're pretty amped for tonight's episode, but for now, let's take a trip into the future. Far, far into the future—like, two weeks. As part of Hollywood Crush's Fall TV Week, we're giving you a sneak peek at an EXCLUSIVE pic from the Sept. 30 episode titled, "Memory Lane."

Here we have Katherine (see the black clothes!) and Damon sharing a late night encounter in an unidentified location. This certainly isn't the Salvatore manor, and it doesn't look like the Gilbert residence either, right? If you ask us, it looks like some location in Mystic Falls proper (what with the stone walkways), or perhaps it's in a completely different town all together! These vamps do like their road trips. From Damon's expression and body language, it appears that he's unexpectedly come upon Katherine. Perhaps she was waiting for him? Is she stalking Damon? Does she want to use Damon against Stefan/Elena? Or is Damon still too upset from last week's rebuff to be a part of any of her plans?

If this pic tells us anything, it's that Katherine is here to stay—at least for awhile. She'll be haunting Damon, Stefan and Elena's lives for the first four episodes and probably longer. We have a feeling her grand scheme won't be completed in any sort of expedited fashion. (And really, it's not like producers have to dish out any extra money for the role—Nina Dobrev's already on the payroll!)

What do you think "TVD" fans? Can you decipher any clues in this pic that we've missed?