Lady Gaga To Release Perfume Line: We Suggest 5 Signature Scents

There's really nothing Lady Gaga can't do, right? Carry handcuffs through airport security? Check! Don meat like it's classic couture? Check! Win a bajillion VMAs? Check! Now Lady G can mark one more accomplishment off of her to-do list: create a perfume line. According to Women's Wear Daily, the singer has inked a deal with Coty Inc. to release fragrances under her name. The first Lady Gaga perfume is expected to hit store shelves in spring 2012.

With Gaga's busy schedule, recording her new album, Born This Way, and hatching her usual Lady Gaga shenanigans, she might have a hard time penciling in perfume brainstorming. Which is where Hollywood Crush comes in! Though we have yet to be asked to pitch in, we're the proactive sort and have already thought of a few signature scents we think are million dollar ideas. Check them out and tell us if you agree!

1. I Will Filet You

Inspired by Lady Gaga's VMA meat dress, this scent features an underlying musky, rare odor complemented with fragrant top notes of A1 sauce. We don't recommend wearing it around wild animals or insects.

2. Bad Romance

In this Fame Monster hit, Gaga sings, "I want your drama, the touch of your hand/I want your leather studded kiss in the sand." We translate this lyric into a scent marked by lush beach and leather tones. Think of it as S&M meets "Baywatch."

3. Stefani

Utilizing her birth name and hearkening to her New York City roots, this fragrance is a heady mix of hot garbage, cigarettes and beer. Who needs to visit NYC when you can smell just like it?

4. Alejandro

Lady Gaga sings of love for a boy that is so intense it is "hot like Mexico." Nacho cheese, cilantro and a pinch of jalapeno give this fragrance a hint of spice. We bet your lover will say you taste just like a Chalupa!

5. Telephone

The packaging really designs itself for this one. It'll be in the shape of a...telephone! Duh! As for the scent, we'll have to consult the girls around the yard to see what they're wearing nowadays. What does soap-on-a-roap smell like, anyway?

What do you think of our Lady Gaga-inspired fragrance ideas? Have any of your own?