Jackson Rathbone's 'Girlfriend': An EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes Look

Jackson Rathbone's film "Girlfriend," which we visited the set of last October, premiered to seemingly resounding praise at the Toronto Independent Film Festival on Sunday, and seems like it's on the fast road to being sold and distributed around the United States (I know, we can't wait to see it either!).

If you haven't already seen the trailer, you should check it out, but what we have for you is an exclusive look behind the scenes of a fight scene between Jackson's character Russ and "Girlfriend" producer/Jackson's 100 Monkeys bandmate Jerad Anderson's character Kenny. Check out the video, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on Twitter!

"Girlfriend" follows the story of Evan (Evan Sneider), a man with Down Syndrome who comes into a large sum of money after a tragedy occurs in his life. He decides to give it to the down-on-her-luck Candy (Shannon Woodward), a single-mother who he's loved since they were young but who has problems of her own. One of those problems is her ex-boyfriend Russ (Jackson), which leads to the creation of a very volatile love triangle.

What did you think of this clip? Are you looking forward to seeing "Girlfriend"?