Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez And More Rock The VMA White Carpet

As expected, Hollywood's hottest stars came out in droves to celebrate the MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night. Most starlets opted for short and sweet frocks, with black and white being particularly popular colors. And while celebs like Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez and Emma Stone looked fab, others, like Katy Perry, could have used a fashion intervention. Read on to see who was the best dressed, who wore garbage and who, well, kinda looked like garbage.

Selena Gomez hit all the right notes on the white carpet. Her look was flattering, funky and—most importantly for the VMAs—unexpected. Sel is the queen of pretty dresses, so we love to see her in something so edgy and daring. Plus, the teen proves she's all grown up with a sexy thigh-high slit and sultry smoky eyes. With a new album and a new look, Selena can also boast a new award: Hollywood Crush's best dressed of the 2010 VMAs!

"Twilight" sweetheart Ashley Greene totally rocked two of the night's hottest trends: strapless and black and white. Is it just us, though, or does Ashley look like another Disney darling? Yup, after spending some time filming "L.O.L." together, Ashley seems to have adopted Miley Cyrus' exact hair cut and color. Now that she's a maybe Jonas GF, perhaps she's trying to look the part. It does look good on her, though!

Another pretty young thing looking smokin' last night? Former "Hills" star Audrina Patridge. Audrina jazzed up her beaded mini (another major trend) with eye-catching bedazzled belts and big arm bling. Our only criticism? Those totally unflattering gladiator sandals that chop off her legs! She should have opted for simpler sandals or classic peep-toe pumps instead.

Emma Stone looked hot and classy in a chic leather dress. This ensemble really pops thanks to her bright blue clutch, oversized cocktail ring and bedazzled pumps. She earns an Easy A for this look!

We know, we know. If anyone else wore this outfit, we'd say, "Epic fail." But considering our regular standards for Snookers, her white carpet getup was totally hot! For starters, we are totally digging her bangs and lack of pouf. Also, she managed to pick a dress size that FITS HER PROPERLY, so her body looks totally banging'. The shoes are also super-hot, so all in all, we say well done, Snooki!

And then we have Ke$ha. Again, on anyone else, this garbage bag dress would look like garbage. We love it on Ke$ha, though, because she's able to look awesome while poking fun at herself. We're sure she's the first celeb to get her dress at Home Depot! Her extra-long braid and feathered shawl are totally awesome without being over the top.

And now...onto the misses of the night.

Katy Perry summed up her look so well in her white carpet interview that we don't know what else to say. "I feel like an ice skater," she said. "Kind of like I just got a tattoo when I was drunk… and rainbow pony hair." Yes, that's exactly what you look like, and it is definitely NOT a good look. The one redeeming aspect of this look is her fabulously original nails, which were manicured with pictures of hubby Russell Brand. Aww…

We had high hopes for Lady Gaga's getup, which is probably part of the reason we were so disappointed. Gagalicious sported an Alexander McQueen gown and a gold Mohawk headdress. Yeah, it's McQueen, but it's still ugly. We look to Gaga to blow us away, and just as Coco predicted she would, she kept it simple, but not simple enough. In the end, she made no statement at all. Yawn! Her only redemption is that she did look pretty, but come on, that is SO not the point of being Gaga.

Sammi "Sweetheart" was anything but sweet in a confusing asymmetrical dress. There was some lace, some skin, some black, some white and a complete lack of sense. Keeping her accessories minimal with such a busy dress was a smart move, but it's not enough to save Sammi from our worst-dressed crown. You can do so much better, sweetie!

Ciara put all her "goodies" on display last night, and the result wasn't pretty. If her dress had half the lace, half the feathers and decent coverage, she actually would have looked pretty hot. *Sigh*

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Do you agree that Snooki and Ke$ha sizzled while Katy and Gaga fizzled? Who was your fashion favorite at the VMAs?