Taylor Swift Debuts New Speak Now Song At VMAs: Was It About Kanye West?

What does Taylor Swift have to say about last year's infamous Kanye West stage-storming kerfuffle? Well, it seems the 20-year-old is addressing the incident in a new song from her "Speak Now" album, which she debuted at tonight's VMAs.

The country cutie's paired-down performance began with grainy footage of last year's most-talked-about moment before the camera panned to Taylor seated in a wing-back chair with guitar in hand. All Hollywood glam, Taylor wore a simple ivory strapless, knee-length dress paired with a pin-curled up-do, bright red lips, smoky eyes and barefeet. Seated in a faux living room, Taylor began, "I guess you really did it this time/Left yourself in your war path/ Lost your balance on a tight rope/ Lost your mind trying to get it back."

Rising from her seat, she walked to the middle of the darkened stage as song lyrics flashed and disappeared behind her like fireworks. The melancholy production was certainly a departure from last year's high-energy "You Belong With Me" performance underground in NYC's Subway tunnels. With lines like, "32 and still growing up now," it's hard to deny this song was a reflection on last year's incident—especially considering the confessional nature of Taylor's new album. Her closing lines seem to offer forgiveness to Kanye: "Who you are is not what you did/You're still an innocent."

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What did you think of Taylor's VMA performance? Do you think it was addressed to Kanye?