Justin Bieber Peforms At The VMAs: An Energetic First Showing!

Following Justin Bieber's inaugural performance at the VMAs, we're left wondering just how many Red Bulls the 16-year-old guzzled before rocking outside of L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. Because, for reals, that was one seriously energetic performance!

After being introduced by kougar Kim Kardashian (who due to a "restraining order" had to conduct her introduction a safe 51 feet from the teen phenom), Justin ran to the stage clad in a red letterman jacket before changing into a black letterman jacket. (Lady Gaga's got nothing on JBiebs when it comes to wardrobe changes, apparently!). Flanked by dancers wearing '50s-styled preppy red cardigans, Justin began his VMA medley with the opening strains of fan favorite "U Smile" before quickly transitioning into "Baby." He hopped, he jumped, he jammed, he fell into the arms of his backup dancers and was carried across the stage.

Our favorite part though, was when "Somebody to Love" began blaring from the speakers and a group of pint-sized dancers (think: 8-year-olds), joined the onstage dance party. How cute was that!?! Following "Somebody to Love," Justin grabbed a pair of drumsticks and showed off those drumming skills he alluded to during the pre-show. We suspect it was an accident when one of the sticks flew into the crowd, but he recovered nicely grabbing a spare to continue his jam. Then the red and black confetti flew and it was over.

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What did you think of Justin's first performance at the VMAs?

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