Renesmee Cullen Turns 4! Our Present: Listing Nessie Aspects We're Excited To See In 'Breaking Dawn'

The past month has been chock-full of important dates for our favorite vampire family, the Cullens. First, was Edward and Bella's wedding anniversary on August 13. Our calendar is already marked for September 13 when we'll be sure to wish a very happy birthday to Bella, but today is all about her half-vampire, half-human daughter, Miss Renesmee Cullen, who turns four years old—sorta.

Since Stephenie Meyer never quite explained the mathematics behind Renesmee's rapid aging, we'll guess that she's somewhere between the mental and physical capacities of a 10 to 14-year-old by now (remember, she'll reach full maturity by 7 years old, but forever look 17). We'd feel bad offering her a birthday present she's too old for or can't use yet, so instead, we decided to gift her with four aspects of her character we're most excited to see in both installments of "Breaking Dawn"!

1. The birthing scene

Sorry, Nessie, but this is one we're dying to see. How will Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg make the birthing scene terrifying without making you seem like a monster? After all, you become one of the most beloved characters in the film by "Part 2." We're glad that's their challenge to deal with and not ours!

2. Jacob's imprint

Once again, this is a challenge we do not envy Taylor Lautner for having to deal with: falling madly in love with a newborn baby right out of the womb after just one look. Hopefully it will come across as beautifully in the film as it does in the book and doesn't just end up being really creepy. Also, we're really interested to see what exactly Jacob will imprint on, which leads us to our next item.

3. CGI or actual person?

This has been the big question all along: Will Renesmee be CGI or an actual girl (or many girls, we guess)? To use a CGI newborn instead of a cute, cuddly little baby seems like the wrong choice, but also, how else will they be able to get across the very many unique characteristics that Renesmee has? We'll be interested to see what the crew comes up with.

4. Supernatural abilities

Renesmee is supposed to be a completely unique creature, and she is definitely something we've never seen in the "Twilight" universe before. It will be interesting to see what special effects are used to represent her abilities on the big screen, and how much time will be spent developing how special Renesmee actually is. After all, that will pretty much be the main plot line for the second film.

What are you most excited to see of Renesmee in "Breaking Dawn"? Have you figured out how old she is actually supposed to be today?