Aly Michalka Says Her 'Hellcats' Character 'Has An Edge About Her'

What's a girl to do when her college funding gets dropped and she desperately needs to make some dough to stay in school? Well, she could join the cheerleading squad for the sweet scholarship. And that's just what Aly Michalka's Marti does in the new CW series, "Hellcats," premiering tonight at 9 PM.

"Marti is a really unique girl because she's really strong," Aly told MTV News. "She knows what she wants. She has an edge about her, but she's likable. It adds vulnerability when it comes to the people that she meets, and becoming this cheerleader on this squad of girls she would normally never relate to. I love the fact that 'Hellcats' follows her journey. She's cool."

Now Marti doesn't really think cheerleaders are athletes, so how does Aly feel about them? Well, she thinks they are perhaps slightly misunderstood. "[I learned] that it’s a very athletic sport, that you’ve got to have a lot of heart, you’ve got to have a lot of focus and it's about a team effort," she said. "You're not doing it just by yourself."

As for any comparisons to that infamous Kirsten Dunst cheerleader flick, "Bring it On," co-star Ashley Tisdale assured us it's not quite the same. "It’s a little bit more grittier than 'Bring It On,'" Ashley said. "It's kind of like that meets 'Friday Night Lights,'" she explained. "I think 'Bring It On' is really great and it's very bubbly, but this is a little bit more edgier. The music's more edgier. It's a really cool show."

Will you be tuning into "Hellcats" tonight?