'Eclipse' To Be Rereleased Friday To Celebrate Bella's Birthday!

Dying to come up with a clever way to celebrate Bella Swan's birthday on Sept. 13, but not sure what to do? Never fear, because Summit Entertainment is making it easy for you: "Eclipse" will be rereleased in theaters nationwide on Friday to honor its leading lady's big day!

She probably wouldn't be too psyched about fans flocking to theaters to celebrate her getting a year older (you know how she is about birthdays, and in "Eclipse" she isn't a vampire yet), but we think there's no better way to remind fans why they love the film and help them cope with the more than a year wait until the first installment of "Breaking Dawn." Sorry for the reminder!

"Eclipse" originally hit theaters on June 30, 2010 and generated more than $671 million worldwide. Depending upon how long Summit keeps the film in theaters this time and how much enthusiasm there is to rewatch (or watch for the first time) the movie, "Eclipse" could be the fourth film this year to cross the $1 billion mark.

This also would explain why there's been no news on the DVD front. Summit probably had this idea tucked away for a while now, and rereleasing the film in theaters would be a little moot if it was coming out on DVD shortly after. By the time this second run of "Eclipse" winds to a close, it's highly likely that we'll find out a release date for the DVD, which probably will be sometime around the Christmas season.

Are you going to see "Eclipse" again now that it's in theaters? What do you think of the trend of rereleasing flicks this summer (yes, we're looking at you "Avatar")?