'Breaking Dawn' Fans Could Win A Trip To Set And Help Beat Cancer

Labor Day weekend has passed, so now sounds about as good a time as any to start getting knee deep in "Breaking Dawn" news. This latest piece might get you a bit more excited than your average casting announcement though, because it involves meeting the cast of the film in person, if you have the dough to cough up for it.

We've covered the Stand Up To Cancer charity before and were excited by how many actors and actresses gathered to support their cause, but this just puts it over the top. SU2C is auctioning off a trip on eBay to visit the Vancouver set of "Breaking Dawn."

Needless to say, it's going to require quite a bit of cash for whoever decides to go. At press time (and less than one day into the auction), there were 44 bids on the trip and the price was already up to $6,600. By the time the auction ends (September 17 at 4 pm PT), it can be assumed that the final price will be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

All proceeds go to SU2C, and we've got to say, this was a pretty awesome way to capitalize on the popularity of "The Twilight Saga." And it's an amazing thing for whoever wins the trip to say they experienced, considering this is going to potentially be the last of the "Twilight Saga" sets anyone is going to get a chance to visit. We can't help it, we love it when our favorite stars do charity!

Are you going to gather all your cash and bid on the set visit? Does it surprise you that this went up for auction?

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