'Camp Rock 2' Debuts Today! We Look At Other Pop-Culture Camps We Wish We'd Attended!

Grab some marshmallows and warm up the campfire, because Mitchie (Demi Lovato), Shane (Joe Jonas) and the rest of the gang are headed back to camp tonight in the Disney Channel Original Movie, "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam." In the sequel to the wildly popular 2008 movie musical, Camp Rock faces stiff competition in the form of Camp Star, a splashy, well-funded performance camp that conveniently opens right across the lake. The two camps duke it out in a televised talent competition to see who will survive—these woods aren't big enough for the both of them!

Whether you loved or loathed summer camp, it's hard to deny how much fun these outdoor retreats seem on TV and in the movies (besides Camp Crystal Lake, that is). In fact, we wouldn't mind packing a knapsack right now to head to a few choice locations. In that vein, we've compiled a list of the pop-culture camps we wish we could have attended.Take a visit after the jump!

1. Camp Star from "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam"

We know, we know. We shouldn't like Camp Star. They are the rivals to our heroes at Camp Rock, but their amenities are just too sweet to ignore. (Look at that massive performance stage! It puts "American Idol"'s digs to shame!) In fact, Camp Star's rockin' set-up is the main reason Tess Tyler (Meaghan Martin) defects from Camp Rock to the camp across the lake.

2. Camp Nowhere from "Camp Nowhere"

No parents? No counselors? No rules? No problem! This camp sounds like every kid's dream, plus who wouldn't want to spend the summer with cutie Jonathan Jackson (or Jessica Alba)?

3. Camp Anawanna from "Salute Your Shorts"

"Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you, it makes me want to...FART!" Flatulence (and the potential of having your underwear run up the flagpole) aside, the kids at Camp Anawanna are pretty cool cats. I mean, come on, Donkey Lips? No brainer!


Which camp is your fave? Did we miss any of the TV/movie camps close to your heart? Tell us in the comments below!